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Blackjack is one of the card games 1bet2u that can be played in the casino. At first two cards are dealt and, depending on their score, we decide what to do on the play. The player bets against the bank and has to add cards until he gets 21 points. If you don’t get them, you can get as close to them as possible, but you can never exceed them because, in that case, the game would be lost.

When the player stands, that is, he does not want more cards, the bank raises his cards and asks for more or fewer cards depending on his score. Whoever gets closer to 21 points or reaches 21 will win. If there is a tie, the money bet is returned. If blackjack is achieved, that is, if you have an ace and a card with a value of 10 with the first two cards, you get 3/2 times the money wagered.

Card value in blackjack

Do you know how much each card is worth in blackjack? It is vital information if we want to dominate the game and become long-term winning players. The cards have different values:

  • Ace: The Ace can be worth 1 or 11 depending on what interests us most in each move.
  • Numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, the same value as your number
  • Figures: J, Q, K, are worth 10

Frequently asked questions in blackjack.

Winning blackjack in the long term requires knowing all facets of the game. So you have to know how to answer some of the most common and, at the same time, the most important questions in the game.

  • Can the cards be divided?

Cards can be divided as long as they are the same: for example, two queens, two eights or two fours. When choosing to split the hand, we have the possibility to ask for cards to complete both hands, but we must also pay double bets. The pairs of aces can also be divided; however, in the case of completing a ten or a figure, they will not be considered a blackjack.

  • When can the bet be doubled?

Depending on the type of blackjack we play, the bet may be doubled in some conditions or others. Doubling is usually allowed when the hand is 11 or less, although there are also modes that accept doubling with any value. At the time we double the bet, we will only be given one more card, and the hand will be complete. It can only be doubled once per hand and never after the cards have been split.

  • What is the insurance bet?

The insurance bet is the player’s chance to make sure if the dealer gets blackjack with his first two cards (Ace and ten or K or Q or J).

An insurance bet can be made when the dealer’s first card is an Ace. It involves reversing half of an original bet so that, if the dealer gets a card of value ten and forms blackjack, you can recover part of the amount invested. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance bet is lost.

  • When is the Croupier planted?

The Croupier stands when it reaches the value of 17.

  • How much do you win if you get a Blackjack?

Winning with blackjack pays a 3: 2 ratio of the original bet. In other words, if our bet is 10 euros, the bank will give us 25, achieving a profit of 15 euros.

Plan Everything To Start Your Live Casino Online

Plan Everything To Start Your Live Casino Online

Gambling best online casino Malaysia and playing poker is a new source of entertainment for a lot of people out there. This portal has been making quite a fuzz across the world. It is mostly the online casinos instead of the offline ones that the poker players feel the most convenient with. Online casinos now are on the very top of the gambling business chain and are attracting thousands of poker players around the world. Starting an affiliation of a live casino online website, as well as buying and selling of the websites depends on a lot of factors. There can also be an SEO content websites based on casinos. This is another career firm for casinos. 


An affiliated Casino Website


One such example of an affiliated website firm can be the sites that are mostly slot affiliated. But people should be aware of how to play slot games. These online slots markets can be quite competitive and attract a great number of gamblers or poker players, which, in turn, makes the website so successful and popular. This market is also known for having a lot of online traffic, thus, making it easier to sell at a great price, if you wish to shortly. This market is quite an easy target for the audiences. The topic slots can be extremely generic just like the topic casino. In that case, if you wish to start a business, you would need certain other sub-topics for a better affiliation. 


Features Of a good affiliated firm


You should have at least a clear idea of how to start an affiliation with a good online casino site to attract trafficking. You need to make sure that your website looks highly professional and also simple so that the users could be easily navigated by the users. If you are aiming at making your website competitive, then it must contain certain features that are going to be responsible for huge site trafficking. Some of these attractive features are:


  • The content of the website must have a long-form. 
  • The users should be able to do geo-targeting on the website. 
  • There is a need for several reviews for slots
  • There should be various detailed reviews of casino
  • UX and the design are excellent.
  • There need to be several listings and categories of slots


To compete against all the other competitive online websites at the very beginning of the business is not something advisable. You can launch your website firm and create some good keywords or some long-tail keywords. You need to set your target right to make your website ranking stand among all the other existing firms.

Summing Up!


You could consider incorporating new languages, themes, software, and even certain specific countries. You can hold a local rank by taking the right risks. Introducing all-new games and its reviews can also be quite interesting for the start-up for your new firm website. Setting up more poker rooms where you can play games like free download blackjack that can allow easy gambling. You need to take up a proper strategy to make it boom further and longer. You need to also understand that to make this firm successful, your SEO skills need to be great too. 


Online Casino Roulette is the most popular game of all that we find in any casino. On the physical premises, it has been one of the meeting places for all kinds of players, who are distributed among the various tables to seek their luck. With the advent of virtual casinos, it is possible to play live roulette without leaving home, with the convenience of enjoying the game while sitting on our favorite sofa.

Both in physical casinos and online, roulette has a legion of followers. Many of them rely on their favorite numbers to seek their fortune; others entrust themselves to some of the more common game strategies such as the Martingale, the Fibonacci sequence, or the D’Alembert methods or Labouchere.

But the players who really control the roulette usually use other different strategies: it is about playing a certain sector of the roulette, that is, predicting that the ball will fall in a specific place of the roulette. To bet in this way, neighboring numbers are used, that is, those that are placed together in the roulette wheel.

For example, the neighbors of 0 are the numbers 26, 32, 3, and 15 . Betting on 0 and its neighbors, we are playing five numbers in a row of the roulette in the hope that the ball falls in that specific sector of the cylinder. And to play neighboring numbers, different strategies are used, each with its own name.

Strategies for playing neighboring numbers at roulette

As we told you in a previous post on roulette strategies, the 37 numbers of European roulette are divided into three sectors: the neighbors of 0, the orphans, and the third of the cylinder. The objective is to bet on these groups with the least possible number of chips to minimize the risk in case of not hitting our move.

In American roulette, it is common to find game mats that, in addition to the numbers and the traditional outdoor games, also have the roulette numbers painted as they are placed on the cylinder and divided into its three main groups ( neighbors of 0, orphans and third ), which allows us to bet directly on this group of numbers with the chips we want. In some cases, the group of neighbors of 0 is called “series 0/2/3”, while the group of numbers of a third of the cylinder is called “series 5/8”.

Neighbors of 0

It is the largest group of roulette since it consists of a total of 17 numbers, 0 and its 16 neighbors (nine on the left and seven on the right), and the play is made with nine chips. This move is known by various names such as “large series” or also “zero sector.” In addition, there is a variant called ‘zero and its neighbors’ that includes one more chip that is played directly to 0 looking for the plenum.


Following the cylinder numbers, next to the neighbors of 0, we find the so-called orphan numbers. There are eight numbers ( 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 17, 34, and 6 ) that can be played in two ways:

  • Orphans: 8 chips to play the full of each of the eight numbers.
  • Orphans on Horseback: A total of 5 tokens are used. One to the full 1, one on horseback between 31 and 34, another on horseback between 6 and 9, a third on horseback between 14 and 17 and the last one on horseback between 17 and 20. In this case, 17 two games are played chips since it is on the mat between 14 and 20, both also orphans.

Cylinder third

They are a total of 12 numbers (that is why it is a third of the cylinder) and covers the numbers that are between 33 and 27, inclusive. The situation of the squares on the mat allows all these numbers to be played with only six chips, placing them on horseback of the numbers (5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, and 33-36).

Game of 0

It is about betting on the closest group of numbers that surround 0 and in total you bet on seven numbers ( 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15 ) with only four chips: a plenary on 26 and three others Horses between 0-3, 12-15 and 32-25.

Neighbors of a number

Another possibility that players use a lot is to bet on any number of the roulette wheel and its neighbors. If, for example, we ask the dealer that we want to play nine and his neighbors, he will place the chips in 9, 31, and 22. But if we tell him that we want to play nine and two neighbors, the number of chips in play is increased: in that case, we will bet on 9, 31, 22, 14, and 18.


One of the biggest claims throughout history in slot game online malaysia casinos around the world is slot machines, also known conventionally as slot machines or slot machines. These generate a great attraction for the player, given their ease in being able to enjoy a fun and enjoyable time while thinking about the juicy prizes that could be achieved.

These machines, however, are those that have a greater incidence in the world of chance, and that becomes a fundamental factor to be taken into account for players. Contrary to what happens in other scr88 casino games, in slots, it is totally impossible to foresee a winning combination. This is due to the mechanism used by the machines, which consists of a generator of random combinations that changes according to the turn; there are more than little chances that this combination will be repeated and, above all, to guess when this would happen.

Strategies to follow to play slots

Being clear that it is impossible to guess when a ‘jackpot’ will appear on a slot machine, it is possible to carry out some strategies to play slots.

  • Master the game: although the slot machines are the simplest to play, the truth is that there are several changes from one to the other: one or more pay lines, superior game for bonuses, network jackpots with other machines, etc. Therefore, it is important to master the machine with which we are going to play to know at all times what the real possibilities of play are.
  • Control the investment during the game. In this aspect, it is vital to keep absolute control of the funds invested in the game so that the player makes a forecast of expenses and possible benefits before starting the game.
  • Carry out a bottom-up investment strategy. This factor is decisive in progressive slot machines, where the greater the investment, the greater the probability of obtaining a high price, even the highest that the machine could give. Thus, an ascending line must be followed, starting with a minimum investment in the first shifts, gradually increasing said investment, until reaching the maximum available, as long as it is a figure according to the prize to be won and the conditions of the machine.
  • Look at the prize percentage. Each machine has a percentage of return of prizes on the money collected, which can be greater or less. Always try to play the machine that offers the highest percentage, since there may be substantial differences between them.
  • There are no hot machines. The phrase “that machine is hot” is one of the most common among slot players. However, the possibility of a Jackpot machine or not does depend on whether more or fewer people have played before. The software they have incorporated makes the prizes come completely at random, and those who have played many games in a row have the same chances of winning as the person who approaches a machine for the first time.

Thus, with simple steps, you can start playing slots where, if the right advice is followed in the best possible way, you could even get the Jackpot, the most important prize of said machine, which is the aspiration of everything player.


Talking about Baccarat means talking about one of the most prestigious card games in casinos around the world, capable of seducing thanks to a very entertaining game dynamic for the player.

It is a game of European origins, which emerged as an alternative to blackjack, although the main difference with blackjack lies in the number of points required to win the game: 21 in blackjack, 9 in Baccarat. However, it is not a game against the bank, as it happens in blackjack, but in Baccarat, you can bet in three different ways: in favor of the player, in favor of the bank, or for the tie.

The first thing to know is the value of the cards in Baccarat:

  • The Ace is worth 1 point
  • The cards from 2 to 9 have the value indicated in each one
  • The 10, the J, the Q or the K are worth 0 points

If the sum of the two cards exceeds ten points, ten is subtracted: that means that if, for example, the bank receives a six and a nine it will have a total of 5 points (15 – 10 = 5); if your cards are a ten and a J, the total sum is 0 points; or if you have two nines, in total there are 8 points (18 – 10 = 8).

Then comes the development of the game: the dealer deals two cards to the player and another two to the bank. The player with the highest cards wins the game. However, although it is a very simple game, there are several rules: depending on the number of the player or the bank, the dealer will deal a third card.

Third card rules in Baccarat

The best thing about Baccarat is that neither the player nor the bank must decide for themselves whether they want to receive a third card or not: the rules of the game already determine whether the dealer must deal that additional card to one, the other or both.

  • If the banker or player has an 8 or 9 point hand, they stand, and this rule is above all others, without exception.
  • If the player has a 6 or 7 hand, he will not receive any more cards. In that case, if the bank has 5 points or less, it receives a third card.
  • If the player has a total of 5 or less, he will have one more card. In that case, the bank will also receive another card, depending on their score and the card the player receives. As it is a complex situation, it is not necessary to explain all the possibilities. However, it is important to know that the dealer knows all the options perfectly and will automatically act on the game.

Tips for playing Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that depends entirely on luck, so the only decision we have to make is to bet on the player, on the bench or on the draw. But, although it is one of the games in which chance is more important, there are some tips for playing Baccarat that can make us win important prizes.

The first thing to know is that this game is one of the least advantageous to the casino. If we bet on banking, the casino advantage is only 1.06 percent; if we bet on the player, the advantage of the casino amounts to 1.24 percent. However, all casinos, both physical and online, apply a 5 percent commission on winning bets by betting on the bank, so it is more beneficial in the long term to bet on the player’s hand.