Artists in Historic Spring City
There are many great artists who have studios in Spring City. The studios aren't open to the public except on Heritage Day and other special occasions. However, you can visit their web sites or contact them for purchasing their paintings and art. For more information on Spring City artists Deseret News 2003or check out the new web site
List of Spring City Artists

Osral Allred
Scott Allred
Joseph Bennion
Lee Udall Bennion
Linda Budd Budd Studios 280 East 300 South
Cheryl Burton
Douglas Fryer
Susan Gallacher workshops
Garth &Vivian Jepperson
Randall Lak
Shirley McKay
M'Lisa Paulsen
Cassandria and John Parsons
Kathy Peterson
Kerry and Ed Soper
Jenni Thompson
Daniel Vincent
Amanda Willey
Michael Workman

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